Midfeeds Bunny Projects

Life in paradise isn’t always as it seems.

Earlier this year we were contacted by a very concern Midfeeds about the bunnies living on their premises. It appeared that the bunnies were in ill health and many babies had deformities that ultimately led to their death. It is speculated that the access these bunnies have to lucerne and other grass hays high in calcium caused the increased in litters born with severe disabilities. This is also why the population has stayed relatively small- many do not make it past adulthood.

We call this “natural cruelty”- cruelty not caused by man but cruelty caused by nature. These bunnies are feral, not wild. Thus they lack the necessary skills to survive and thrive. An example of this is the fact that it is a common occurrence that bunnies, especially males, fight. These fights often lead to eye infection and subsequently maggots which needs medical attention.

The adult bunnies currently there has had so many litters in their life that we totally understand the urgent need for sterilization. These moms are done being moms. With your help we will be able to assist Midfeeds in providing the necessary medical attention that these bunnies need to live long and happy lives! As Midfeeds does take care of the bunnies on their property (providing food and water) the bunnies will be caught, sterilized and released back with a mark on their ear indicating that they have been sterilized.

We are very thankful for Midfeeds for reaching out to us and accepting our help in controlling their bunny population in a safe and efficient manner. A big well done to Midfeeds for putting the bunnies above all else.


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