Rest Ur Ass Donkey Sanctuary Bunny Project

Life in paradise isn’t always as it seems.

In early 2021 we were contacted by Rest Ur Ass Donkey Sanctuary regarding the ever growing bunny population on their rescue premises. It started with a single bunny that decided that they want to live their life sharing an environment with the many rescued donkeys, and soon others followed resulting in the bunny population growing at an exponential rate. 

We decided to help the Sanctuary with this project as we understand the financial responsibilities that rescues have. With the help of the public and our amazing vet, we will be able to catch, sterilize and release the bunnies allowing them to live their peaceful lives at the sanctuary without all the raging hormones and litters every few weeks. While the feral bunnies will be released back at the sanctuary, those who will be able to adapt to a domesticated lifestyle will be rehomed. 

We cannot do this project without the support of the public. By helping with the funding of this project you will not only be helping the bunnies in need of sterilization but also lessen the financial burden on two rescued. 


DONATE today and save a life or two.

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