Vanderbijlpark Bunny Project

PLEASE – do not advertise animals as “free to a good home”!!

This project requires you to know a bit of history about the “Vanderbijlpark bunnies”. During December 2019 an individual broadcasted over the radio that he will take in any bunnies that people no longer want. Although this seemed like a brilliant and selfless idea at the beginning, it soon turned into a disaster. The “free to a good home” bunnies were released on his property without sterilizing them, and soon 15 bunnies turned into 60, turned into 100. 

Not only was the lack of sterilization a problem but the dogs on the property constantly killed or injured the bunnies. We also found out that the bunnies only got 2 cabbages a day to eat (bear in mind this is 2 cabbages for 60+ bunnies). Ronel from Honey’s Rescue Bunnies tried to reason with him but he would not budge. 

After the passing of this specific individual, his daughter gave permission to the neighbours to shoot the bunnies. This was not the first time we heard of this “home remedies” for controlling the population of the bunnies. We realized that we cannot allow this to happen and have done everything we can to remove the bunnies from the property, sterilize, treat and rehome these bunnies.

Over the last year we took several bunnies from a plot in Vanderbijlpark. Many had injuries and were in bad health. We are thus in desperate need of funds to sterilize these bunnies and prevent further damage to their health and emotional well-being. 

We had two amazing individuals, Inge and  Anneline, who went above and beyond to secure the safety of these bunnies. Unconventional methods of transportation were used to get them to the vet which included hiding them in hoodies and cooler boxes. 

These bunnies were discarded not only once, but twice. They have lost faith in mankind, but we believe that with hard work and lots of love we will be able to restore the faith enough for them to trust again.


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